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Lost and Tired was started in January 2010 as a means of sharing my family's real life journey and our struggle raising 3 boys on the Autism Spectrum. It's important for people to understand what Autism can really be like & the impact it has on the family. We aren't a TV show and there are no actors. This is our struggle, our journey...and it's all true. Follow us @Lost_and_Tired on twitter!
Guest posts: My Broken HeartWhat Is Autism?Why Autism Awareness Is Broken

Lisa is the mommy over at the Yuckmouth house, where she's watches over her 7 kids, 2 dogs and a hubby. When she isn't raising a child on the spectrum, dodging mood swings from her child with ADHD and everything in between she blogs and prays for sleep. You can find her over at Seven Yuckmouths and Autism and @lovelylicious on twitter!
Guest posts: Beans, Exercise, and Thinking AspergersJars by Lisa
Bobbi Sheahan's third book, What I Wish I'd Known About Raising a Child With Autism, has spent several weeks in Amazon's Top 100 Autism Books since its publication in June 2011. Her book reviews have also been published in Bookmarks Magazine. She is also a frequent and popular speaker, most recently at the Future Horizons' October Super Conference, which was keynoted by Temple Grandin, Dr. Jed Baker, and Dr. Tony Attwood. Bobbi Sheahan is the mom of four, her husband Ben often chimes in when she writes and speaks candidly about marriage, parenting, adoption, special needs, and homeschooling. Bobbi will be joined here by Kathy DeOrnellas, Ph.D., her co-author and, often her voice of reason. (You know how moms can be.) Visit her website, and she would love to hear from readers on Facebook and Twitter @BobbiSheahan. If you are interested in purchasing Bobbi's book, click on the link above and use the discount code BOBBI for 15% discount + FREE shipping! Thanks!! Guest posts: The First Five Things to Do When You Learn That Your Child is on the Autism Spectrum, Autism and the Holidays, Interview With Author, Bobbi Sheahan

Amalia Starr is an Autism Motivational Speaker, Independent Living Coach and Author. She is on a mission to tell the story of people who live in the shadows. Her fabulous new book, Raising Brandon, is an autobiographical account of her heroic struggle to raise a son in a world where autism was not understood. Visit her new non-profit, Autism Independence Project: http://www.autismindependenceproject.org Be sure to follow her on twitter @AutismMomExpertGuest posts: Was Your Child Recently Diagnosed with Autism?

AutismMumsDads blog was started in Feb 2012, just 7 months after Lauren & her son's 'official' journey with Autism began, wanting to raise awareness of the condition that had changed their lives dramatically, leaving them feeling isolated. Lauren had such success with the twitter account that she had started 2 months before her son's diagnosis, she started her blog in an effort to share their story even further. She puts a lot of effort into each post, shares her own experience which opens the opportunity of more awareness and shows fellow autism parents that although our children are very unique, our experiences & journeys are all too familiar. Follow Lauren, a young(ish) mum of 26 yrs, on twitter @AutismMums_Dads. Even though she has an amazing 3000+ followers, she follows every single person back & makes time to reply to each person when they contact her! Guest posts: Little Boy, Big School.Why does nobody care?
At Green Eggs & Moms you will find parenting articles to keep moms with young kids sane. I can imagine you asking "how is this possible?" 
I think that you will be amazed when visiting Anne's blog. She offers a variety of fun, creative and informative articles written with a dash of humor, so you can make better parenting choices while getting a dose of laughter. We are hoping to convince Anne to share some more of her sensory friendly experiments with our readers. You will want to follow her @greeneggsandmoms on twitter! Guest posts: Teach Kids Solids and Liquids With This 2-Ingredient Science Experiment

Leah writes 30 Days of Autism from the unique perspective of a special education teacher, working with other teachers, students and their families, and as a parent of a child with autism. Leah shares what she notices and what she is learning about neurological diversity, education, mental health issues, interventions, parenting, and child development, both on her blog and as a speaker/presenter at conferences. She does so from a perspective that encourages understanding and acceptance for those who experience and process the world differently. She also works as part of the instructional team at Simon Fraser University (SFU) supporting educators in a Graduate Program, entitled Supporting Diverse Learners, and is the co producer of the film Vectors of Autism: Laura Nagle, a documentary about an adult woman with autism. You can follow @leah_kelley on Twitter... and you will want to! Guest posts: Autism, Social Cognition, and Embarrassment: It's Not a Bad Thing...

Judy Endow, MSW is an author and international speaker on a variety of autism-related topics, is part of the Wisconsin DPI Statewide Autism Training Team along with being part of Autistic Global Initiative (AGI). She is a board member of both the Autism Society of America, Wisconsin Chapter and the Autism National Committee. Judy maintains a private practice in Madison, Wisconsin, providing consultation for families, school districts and other agencies. Besides having autism herself, she is the parent of three now grown sons, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.  Follow @JudyEndow on twitter to stay informed in the autism community! Guest posts: Preventing Meltdowns: Outsmarting the Explosive Behavior of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Victoria Meyers is a mother of five children with at least one child on the Autism Spectrum. She lives with her two youngest children in Malvern, AR where she advocates Autism issues, organic and natural living and is also a Bible teacher. Any given day, you will find her updating her status on Facebook, or Blogging at BearShirt.org and raising money for an Autism Service Dog for her boy, Bear. She has recently been chosen as the Vice President of the Arkansas Chapter for the National Autism Association. What an honor! You can follow Victoria on twitter @BearShirtGuest posts:  The Autism Diet On A REAL Budget - How To Do It...

Jennifer Butler Modaff is an assistant professor in  Communication Studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. During her sleep deprived nights, she writes for her own blog, Caden's Tale, and is a writer for Special Happens as well as anyone else who will give her a space in which to write. As much as she likes order, Jennifer is learning to thrive on chaos with her loving husband, two special needs children, 2 “pet” dogs, 1 service dog, 1 service puppy in training, and 7 cats. Follow @cadenstale on Twitter! Guest posts:  It's About Learning To                                                             Dance In The Rain! 

Living Well With Epilepsy was created by Philadelphia area-based writer, Jessica Keenan Smith, and covers the full spectrum of issues faced by people living with all types of seizure disorders. This leading epilepsy blog is aimed to inspire people living with epilepsy through a unique mix of news, personal stories, commentary, interviews, guest posts, and forums. Jessica speaks on a variety of topics including: Navigating Social Media, Maximaizing Your Child's Strengths, Epilepsy 101: Raising Epilepsy Awareness. Follow @jessicaksmith on twitter! Guest posts: Autism and Epilepsy Awareness Month 

Happy Robot Coaching, an educational organization, was created to help other NeuroTypical/High-Functioning Autistic people understand each other. Michelle and Mark educate NTs in the skills necessary to understand HFAs such as giving complete information, speaking in logical well crafted sentences instead of emotional phrases and metaphors and using proper tone of voice. They also educate High-Functioning Autistic people in things to watch and listen for when communicating with Neurotypicals. Follow them @HappyRobotCoach on Twitter for helpful communication information!

If you are interested in being a "Guest Blogger" on either your family's journey through autism, or 
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