Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Boy, Big School.

I want to ask everyone to give a warm welcome to Lauren of AutismMumsDads! She is our Featured Guest Blogger in honour of the fast approaching World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, 2012. Please follow us as we celebrate Autism Awareness Month the entire month of April! ~Lorrie

Its 4 weeks, 6 days, 4 mins and 56 seconds (as I write this) until we find out which school from the ones we chose A will be attending, but whose counting?!

He only turns 4 in June, so he’ll be one of the youngest.

Its an anxious wait & I’m sure time seems to be going a lot slower than usual…

Due to the timing of A’s diagnosis along other factors which I spoke of in a previous blog ‘Mainstream or Special School?’ A will be attending a Mainstream setting – for how long is any ones guess.

So now I know he will definitely at least be trying Mainstream – my attention and worry is focused upon the amount of support he will receive, A needs full-time support and in our area 25 hours is the maximum. I’ve made it clear that if A doesn’t get full time support I will be home schooling him – I don’t want to but needs must be met.

A currently has full time support at his nursery so I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t get the same at school.

I worry of how he will cope at break and lunch times, as well as in class – he struggles to sit for any length of time and has a flitting attention.

I’ve had the idea of saying, ok 25 hours – I’ll only send him for 25 hours then – but I think it all depends on your area/Local authority as some parents I’ve spoken to their children have been allowed to minimize their school hours and work up to full-time hours.

I’ve heard so many bad things about Mainstream schools and their sheer ignorance towards children with Autism – the mainstream schools I have chosen for A are 1. The closest by. 2. Very academically driven – which worries me when it comes to A’s inclusion and well being.

So please don’t hold back and comment about your schooling experiences whether it be mainstream or special needs school….

Thanks :)
L x

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