Monday, March 31, 2014

Enter the #Autism Play and Learn Prize Pack @ParentingSpot!

Do YOU have a child that has been diagnosed with #Autism, or know of another family who does? 
Don't miss out on the opportunity to tell them about the Autism Play and Learn Prize Pack Giveaway which is being featured on the 
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I am co-hosting the above Autism Awareness Event, with several other Autism Advocates. We are all working together with the community at to share positive and informative messages about Autism. Please #share this event with someone you know: a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a coworker, or someone you may have just met in the social media!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Join ME for an #AutismAwareness Event During April!!

     As you may or may not know, April is recognized as Autism Awareness Month. I am committed to trying to post as many days as possible this month in an effort to raise #AutismAwareness in our surrounding communities. I have been a member of the online parenting community for several years. The parenting community at is a safe, free e-space and community for dads, moms, teachers, parenting coaches, doctors, tutors, lawyers, & more! I am co-hosting the Autism Awareness Event (scheduled to begin April 1st) being hosted by Our Parenting Spot and working with the community at to share positive and informative messages about Autism. Learn more at!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Participants Needed for a Study on the Social Language between Individuals with High Functioning #Autism and their Peers

If your family lives in Oklahoma and are interested in having their child participate in the following study, please continue reading!

Recruitment efforts are underway for a study conducted through the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, OUHSC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, entitled: “Speech Act Use by Adolescents Diagnosed with Higher Functioning Forms of Autism when Interacting with Typical Peers in a Semi-structured Conversational Context.” The purpose of this study is to investigate the use of social language between middle-school adolescents diagnosed with higher forms of ASD (Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified) as they interact with their typical peers. This study has been approved by the OUHSC Institutional Review Board.

Participants need to be between the ages of 12 years, 0 months, and 15 years, 11 months of age. Both adolescents who are typically developing and who have been diagnosed with a higher functioning forms of ASD are needed. Typically developing participants need to have a history free of hearing, speech, language and learning disabilities, have no known neurological difficulties, and presently be in a grade level appropriate to their chronological age. Participants with higher functioning autism spectrum disorder must possess fluent speech, normal hearing without impairment, have an average intelligence quotient, and have a documented diagnosis of either Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified.

All study procedures will be completed at the John W. Keys Speech and Hearing Clinic located in the College of Allied Health, on the OUHSC campus. The study consists of two sessions: the first involving assessment of receptive/expressive/pragmatic language abilities, a hearing screening, and a test of nonverbal intelligence quotient; and the second involving a session where one participant with ASD is paired with two typical peers, matched for language abilities and IQ, work together to build a LEGO© model.

Participation in this research is completely voluntary and participants may withdraw at any time during the study without consequence. The qualifying session will take approximately 90 minutes to complete. The LEGO© session will take approximately 75 minutes to complete. Participants will be compensated for their time for each attended session. The LEGO© session will be recorded for language transcription and analysis. Transcriptions will be coded to protect the identity of respondents. Results will be reported in the sub-investigator’s dissertation. They may be used in a professional paper or presentation. Neither the researchers nor the University has a conflict of interest with the results. The data collected from this study will be kept in a locked cabinet. The only identified risk to participating in this study is the identification of previously unknown hearing, speech, or language impairment. Because most impairments of these types are identified much earlier in childhood, this risk is minimal.

More information regarding the above mentioned research study can be obtained from Karen Karner (405)414-0191 or faculty advisor Dr. Susan Benson (405)271-4214, ext. 46072, susan- Thank you for your consideration. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Camp DaKaNi - End of Early Bird Discount Approaching

Attention! ALL Parents whom are interested in registering their children for the summer camps at Camp DaKaNi, YOU will want to take advantage of this opportunity before it slips away!!!  ~Lorrie, Autism Parent, Advocate & AutismOKC Leader
*Offer below may not apply to Camp C.A.N.O.E., please contact Camp DaKaNi for more information.

Two weeks left to save $15 per session!

Enroll and pay before April 1st. and receive the Early Bird discount of $15 off each session.

We know that camp fees can add up for families with multiple children, or on a tight budget, so we are offering $15 off each week that you enroll in, and pay for, before April 1st.
To register:  Camp DaKaNi Program Registration

Save even more!
Refer a Friend
Refer a friend who has never been to Camp DaKaNi and get $10 off if they apply, and if you refer 10 friends, who apply, your session is free!

For more Information go to our website: 

Our mailing address is: 
Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma
3309 E Hefner Road
Oklahoma CityOK 73131
Contact us: (405) 254-2067

Monday, March 10, 2014

Find Out How YOU Can Protect Your Family with QR Code iD!

I am proud to introduce Erin Wilson, Founder of QRCodeiD, as our Guest Blogger in support of wandering prevention. Please welcome her as she shares about her company. Thank you!

My son Jay who just turned 12 has Autism.
He has been lost a couple times in the past. Since his language and social skills are functionally low we wanted to create a way to alert other people near him that he is a person who needs help and then relay contact, emergency and behavioral info. Since he also has sensory issues and will not wear a sticker we created patches with individual QR Codes. In bight red across the top it reads “If I Need Help” to ask for assistance. Then down the side “Scan or Go to” then our website The code can be scanned by a QR reader on a smartphone/iPad or the unique number can be entered into the website to view the profile. This information can be changed in real time. If there is a different person taking him on a school or camp outing that person’s number can be entered and deleted later.  

We offer a variety of clothing, with or without the QR Code iD patch, expertly designed by artists who have special needs and patches that can be sewn onto the clothing that you already own. Also, there are pins and clips options. We have exciting new stuff in the works. Among them, we will be adding dog tags, key chains and iD cards that will have
the personal code along with name, contact number and 7 bullet points printed. These can be used for anyone who is unable to self advocate during a critical moment. 

The safety of family is important to everyone. If you have a loved one, either a child or an adult, that would benefit from having QR Code iD in their daily lives, visit here to sign up and ensure their protection today!

Great news! They have just added a new feature: The profile can be emailed. So in those first frantic moments when a person wanders the big red emergency email button can be pushed to forward the profile to the security guard and others around who can help search. The profile has a picture, contact phone numbers and additional emergency and behavioral information. Contact QR Code iD to register today!! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Series Beginning - Looking Through the Kaleidoscope of #Autism!

Hello, my name is Nathan. I am almost eleven years old and I have Autism. My favorite colors are blue and gold. I like to play football every chance I get but, sometimes I choose to play other things like basketball or soccer because my brother, Vincent, can't play contact sports. He was born with only one kidney and it is important for him to protect it. I try to help by playing a game he can play.

In my school, I'm currently in second place on an online Math website called First In Math. My goal is to get enough points to move up to first place status! Next year, I will be in sixth grade at the middle school with my brother and where my mom works. I am excited about being able to move up to the middle school but, I am also anxious about having to change classes and how busy it gets in the hallways between the bells.

Series Beginning - A Brother's Perspective - Victorious Vincent

Hi. My name is Vincent and I'm Nathan's big brother. I turned twelve years old in January and I have ADHD. I was born with only one kidney, so this means that I can't play football with my brother or my friends. ADHD makes it hard for me to focus and I sometimes forget stuff. The good thing about having a brother is that if none of my neighborhood friends are home, I always have someone to play with.

Having a brother with Autism is kind of hard on me because I feel that I am constantly watching to make sure that he doesn't do anything that he's not supposed to. I have made a lot of compromises to accomodate my brother but, I try my best to help him fit in because he is my best friend. We have had quite a few disagreements over the years but, Nathan and I always get past it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

If YOU interact with a person with Autism and are Interested in Participating in a PhD Project – OU Health Science Center

     It is a pleasure to introduce Susan Woods, a PhD student at OU Health Science Center, who contacted me in an effort to get the word out to those individuals who might be interested in participating in the following project. Please welcome her and share the information with others that you know. Thank you for taking the time to read and participate, if interested! ~Lorrie

A Chance to Share YOUR Stories
I am asking you to submit stories, testimonies, tips, or any other information you feel might be helpful to other families coping with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and professionals who might work with individuals with ASD.  Research has shown that being in a family with an individual who has ASD can be isolating and many people feel they are coping on their own.  Sharing your struggles and triumphs may help others better cope with the issues they are encountering.

Stories and information that you submit will be compiled into a booklet and distributed to families coping with ASD, students preparing to work with individuals with disabilities and their faculty.  I am imagining this booklet to be similar to a “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, where others can gain strength and feel better understood because someone else has dealt with the same issues that they are or will be dealing with.

The submitted information needs to be from a person over the age of 18 years, simply for protection of children.  All names will be omitted or changed to protect privacy.

This is a project for the OU Health Science Center Oklahoma LEND (Interdisciplinary Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) program, and will help students training to be medical professionals to better understand issues that families are dealing with so they can better assist you in obtaining the resources and care that you and your family members need.

Please submit stories via e-mail or to the address below by March 30, 2014, for inclusion in the booklet. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call me (405) 550-7985 or e-mail:  Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!


Susan G. Woods
OK LEND intern 2013/14
2056 Westbury Drive
Midwest City, OK 73130

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Help Make It Possible For @WildRumpusProd To Launch Their #Autism Play "Straight On 'Til Morning And Reach Everyone!

I am excited to share the following Press Release with you! You will understand why once you have had the opportunity to read it. Please #share it with everyone you know in an effort to get the word out. Thank you for your help! ~Lorrie

Philip Dallmann                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Wild Rumpus Productions

Wild Rumpus Launches Campaign to Fund New Play about Boy with Autism
Will also be presenting 4 autism-friendly performances of the production

New York, NY: March 1st, Wild Rumpus Productions, an arts company devoted to storytelling and accessibility, launched their funding campaign for the new play Straight On ‘Til Morning on Straight On ‘Til Morning is a play about a boy with autism and his journey to Neverland. Wild Rumpus is endeavoring to have 4 autism-friendly performances of the play this fall.

Philip Dallmann, who by day is the Autism Theatre Initiative Coordinator at TDF and by night is the Artistic Director of Wild Rumpus and playwright of Straight On ‘TIl Morning says of the production, “This play will not only be accessible to the autism community but also be filled with relatable characters. Having spent time in an autism classroom and working with these kids I am striving to give them the same opportunities I had growing up going to the theatre and seeing characters I could relate to.”

To provide the fullest production possible Wild Rumpus has hired Lee Kasper to direct, who was the asst. director for "Harvey" featuring Jim Parsons and "The Performers" featuring Henry Winkler and Cheyenne Jackson. To create the autism-friendly performances Wild Rumpus will:

  •      Have no sounds exceeding 90 decibels
  •      No strobe lights
  •      House lights will remain at half
  •      Quiet & Activity areas will be in the lobby for anyone who needs a break
  •      A volunteer staffed with autism professionals

WildRumpus Productions is where great stories are given life-- where the journey is fused with a spirit for adventure.  Pursuing ways to revitalize the classics and cultivate new work, we seek to invigorate, animate, inspire and embolden our audiences with the stories we tell.