Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Enjoying Your Summer? I Am Because I'm Not Taking Any College Classes!

I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I certainly am. As you can probably guess, I have been busy taking college classes ever since I started back in 2014. The last summer that I had off was in 2015. It was later that year during Christmas Break when I decided to change my major from Education to Psychology. I have been motivated ever since then to complete my Associate's Degree in Psychology by May 2018...which I did!!
Now that I have finally completed my Associate's Degree, I will be attending a four-year university in my hometown, where I will be working towards the completion of my Bachelor's Degree in May 2020. I am so excited about being able to finish my college education in the near future and contribute to my community as a Psychologist!

So, enjoy your summer, just as I will be with my family! I will keep everyone updated on how my family adjusts to another new schedule when I start classes in the fall.