Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jars by Lisa

I started on a whim a few years ago by making holiday decorations for my own personal use. Til one year my DH suggested I try to sell them, I went from making them for me, to selling to friends & family. It was good for extra cash around the holidays but, being the stay at home mom that I am, in the failing economy, I decided I either needed to go bigger with my jars or find work outside of the home.

I was still really slow getting started but got a big push when we found out this year we were losing our home. I jumped on Facebook and wrestled with a name and Jars By Lisa was created. The last few years was devoted to just making jars for the big holidays, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day. But then it dawned on me that I could be making Autism awareness jars! I searched high and low for puzzle piece themed stickers or paper punches, anything that I could find and put on a jar to create the look. But my searches always came up with nothing, I ventured into Michael's Arts n Crafts it was always my muse, I could walk into that store and get lost in all the things I wanted to do or make. But even Michael's had nothing for me, it was hard realizing yet again I live in a world where Autism isn't on the forefront of everyone's mind. It got me a little dejected, but after speaking to one of the employees I had a new plan. Why not use real puzzles?!! My pack rat mind had a box at home filled with loose pieces from my own kids puzzles, I also then turned to my friends and fellow Autism moms from a group I'm in, to donate their old puzzles to me.

I love making my jars, I love knowing that they will be in someone's home for years to come. Being able to create something from nothing has become a passion!
~ Lisa

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