Online Parenting Communities Featuring in Autism Autism Support Group & Autism Resources is an online autism community & global resources center for parents, families, and specialists in the autism community around the world. YOU can join for free to learn from other families, share stories, find and submit autism resources in your neighborhood (schools, special needs lawyers, summer camps, GFCF providers, therapists, special needs dentists, etc) With your much appreciated assistance and the continued help of the autism community, can become the global epicenter for autism support & information. Follow @TheAUTSPOT on twitter!

Our Parenting Spot is an unique online community in which all parents can find advice, support and friendship. In the Parenting Talk section of the online forum, you will find a variety of articles relating to Autism and how it affects our families. 
* A few examples of what you will find:          
     Autism: Can One Parent Really Make A Difference? 
     How to Talk to Your Kids About Autism  
     Autism "How To" Guide for Parents
      1 in 3 autistic young adults lack jobs, education
      Autism: Preparing for a New School Year
      #Autism & #Bullying

Discover the World Autism Community ~ Get support and advice & share your joys and issues. Speak with people who won't judge you and will share their expertise. This online community is really the ideal place to build friendships with people focusing on the autism spectrum disorder, post your favorite photos on your profile, share autism recipes, chat with other parents and find the resources you need for your family! Join now, it's Free!

If you know of an online support community that supports autism awareness, and would benefit all individuals (children and adults)
 on the autism spectrum, please email with the information.
I would be honored and look forward to hearing from you!