Friday, July 3, 2015

PLEASE #Share This Post and Eat at the Southside OKC @SBBurgerjoint Tuesday July 7th to Support to My Almost Blind 3 y/o Granddaughter!!

My sweet 3 year old granddaughter is going blind without any hope of a transplant or cure. She currently still has her peripheral vision but, it doesn’t help much if her eyes are crossed trying to compensate for the loss of her central vision. In an attempt to help my precious granddaughter, I created our Family & Friends Team “Kickin’ It With Kairi”, and she will be the featured recipient at the S & B Burger Joint, located at 7745 S. Walker Avenue in OKC, this next Tuesday, July 7th, 2015. This event will help raise the necessary funds to assist Kairi’s family in helping her adjust to the changes that are ahead of her such as having to learn Braille so that she can read and communicate with others around her; to gain the ability to depend on her remaining senses in order to lead a productive life; and to have access to a school that will facilitate and enhance the education she needs to thrive in society. Please show your support to Kairi by visiting the Southside S & B Burger Joint, located at 7745 S. Walker Avenue in OKC, this next Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 and by inviting all of your family and friends to join you in supporting a great cause!

If YOU are available to help me, for any length of time during the fundraiser event, please email me at ASAP so that we can coordinate the details. Thank you to everyone who is planning to come by the southside S & B Burger Joint location to show your support to my sweet granddaughter!! I will always accept help from anyone will to ‪#‎share the event through social media and/or by way of email to friends...I have also created a flier if you are interested in putting them up at various locations in your area. Just let me know!

*Here is a short note of gratitude written by my daughter, Candace, Kairi's mother...
"I am so excited that S&B Burger Joint is giving Kairi Lynn Husmann this opportunity to meet new people who care and support her through this transition in her life. It has been almost a year since Kairi was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. It has been difficult on the whole family, not only adjusting to her needs but understanding what she is going through. We appreciate the time and support of the Okc Metro community. Please join us and enjoy some delicious burgers."