Resources for Families

With very little public understanding about autism-related wandering, coupled with a regrettable lack of resources to combat occurrences, drowning deaths associated with autism elopement remain a leading cause of fatalities in children and adults on the autism spectrum. The number of wandering incidents are becoming increasingly common but, awareness alone can play a major role in reducing occurrences. Become AWAARE and learn more!

Easy IEP Help was given life inorder to help other parents navigate the IEP Process. As parents of two children with learning disabilities, we have had to figure out everything just like so many other parents have before us and will after us. We all run through so many emotions when a child is diagnosed such as denial, frustration, anger and anxiety. Once we come to grips with reality, we realize we don't know what is involved with an IEP, or how we will manage with a child who struggles in school. But, somehow we do, and other parents in the same situation have usually been the biggest help. Easy IEP Help is about sharing information about IEPs with other parents, but it is also about the daily life of families with children who can be a little quirky, eccentric and special. And we Love them all the same.

The Special Family Support Group page was created for any loved ones or parents that need a place to discuss or vent any concerns they may have raising a child with special needs or illness of any kind. Prayer requests are welcomed, you can blog here, ask for help with your kiddos- we all know how hard it is finding a sitter for a child that has special needs. Please suggest this page to anyone you think would benefit and any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and GOD Bless!

Stress Free Kids has developed a line of children’s books, CDs, and curriculums designed to help children manage anxiety, stress and anger while promoting self-esteem and peaceful sleep. They are the first to introduce research-based, stress management techniques in this wonderfully unique storytelling format. Every parent in the world wants their children to learn to relax, improve their self-esteem, manage anger, and fall asleep more easily. Stress Free Kids products will introduce you & your children to the proven techniques of deep breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, visualizations & affirmations/positive statements. They have been openly embraced by psychologists, child life care specialists, teachers, counselor, parents, military families, yoga fans, the Autism community and most importantly children.  Stress Free Kids has added CDs for teens and adults because they want your entire family to be able to more effectively manage stress, anxiety and anger.

Vocabulary & Spelling City is very popular with many homeschooling families and traditional schoolers too... with kids from Kindergarten to high school. Here's why - all these resources are free @ Vocabulary and Spelling City:
 1) Over 42,000 spelling words with customizable sentences and definitions  
2) A REAL person who says each word and sentence   
3) Free home pages for teachers and parents to save lists 
4) Teacher training videos  
5) Free printable handwriting worksheets  
6) Free teaching resources with lists and lesson plans  
7) Twenty-five games to play online or to print: *Spelling, Vocabulary, Alphabetical Order, Word Meaning, Unscramble, Parts of Speech
A premium annual membership includes everything listed above plus premium games, automated student tracking, vocabulary tests, progress tracking, student log in, interactive and printable flash cards, and telephone support!

Weight For Me! Weighted blankets aid in providing proprioceptive feedback while relaxing the body and central nervous system. These blankets can be used as adaptive aids during learning times at school, quiet times at home, school, clinic, office and assist in falling asleep. People of all ages enjoy relaxing under these soft cuddly blankets.

If you offer products, resources or services that would benefit others on the autism spectrum, please contact me via e-mail
I would be honored and look forward to hearing from you!