Saturday, October 13, 2018

Adjusting to Life as a "College Girl"

I am halfway through my first semester as a transfer student, back at the four-year university where I started my college career thirty years ago. It has been quite an adjustment for me to commute at least thirty minutes one direction to college every morning, five days a week. That drive is much farther than when I was attending the community college close to home. The nice thing about the length of my commute is that I have plenty of time to reflect on my to-do list as a student on my way to campus and as a parent on the way back home. The downside to the length of my commute is that it takes longer for me to get back home to my family after being away from them all day.

   If my husband and two teenage sons hadn't been so supportive of my transfer back to my hometown university, I would not have been able to handle being a transfer student. My husband has been cooking dinner and managing the afternoon household responsibilities while I am driving home from work. Our oldest son has been responsible for driving himself and his brother to and from school each day. They understand that this is only a temporary situation and that I will be able to contribute more once I have completed my bachelor's degree. Our oldest son will graduate from high school the same year that I will graduate with my B.A. in Psychology. Our youngest son will graduate from high school the following year. 

  Even though it took me a while to return to college, I am old enough to understand and appreciate the importance of getting a college degree. I am also glad that I was able to find a part-time position on campus as a student worker in academic advisement; I feel like I am more connected with what is happening on campus. It has also helped me to integrate back into being a college student and meeting other students on campus. I have recently volunteered or participated in a few extracurricular activities on campus. I am blessed to have a second chance to complete my college education, and to be able to enjoy my time as a "college girl"!