The Person Behind The Voice

My name is Lorrie Servati. I am the Creator and Administrator of Nathan's Voice. A few years ago, I decided that I would enjoy blogging much more than making shorter posts, and additional comments, of what I wanted to say on facebook. When I set up my facebook account nine years ago, the only reason was so that I could keep in touch with my older son whom was living in another state with his father, my ex-husband. I played a few of the facebook games, which proved to be extremely addicting but, I soon decided that other than connecting with family or school classmates, that I would keep my facebook page on a limited capacity. I have two Twitter accounts that you are welcome to check out and follow me: @NathansVoice and @MissMaryMackOKC
     My husband of sixteen years and I live in Oklahoma (US) with our two sons of 14yrs and almost 16yrs. Our youngest son was diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder almost ten years ago. To help our son, I have taken some free training along side a few of his teachers, have participated in all of his IEP meetings and have made myself available to all of his teachers, including being in the classroom at times. I became a substitute teacher (3 years) through the local public school system to help where I can, mostly in the area of special education. I enjoyed being able to get to know the children, while I temporarily filled-in for their teacher. 
     While I was working as a substitute teacher, I took my paraprofessional certification test and was hired as a teacher's assistant in the special education department for the local public school district. I was fortunate to have been able to work in a self-contained classroom at my sons' middle school for the next four years. It was only recently that I left that position so that I could complete the last two semesters of my associate's degree on campus at a nearby community college. It was a difficult decision for me to leave that position because I have missed the friends that I have made over the last seven years as well as the students I had the pleasure of working with during my time in the classroom.
     I also have two wonderful children from my first marriage. My oldest son that I mentioned above is now 24yrs. old. He has been working in roofing and construction for almost seven years, in a trade that interests him. His sweet daughter is 1 year old and learning to walk. My daughter is 27yrs. old, has her own son who is 8 years old, her own daughter who is almost 6 years old, and her youngest son who is 3 years old. Yes, you heard correctly ...I'm a "Nana" & proud of it!!
     April 2012, Nathan's Voice was nominated as one of the "Top 10 Autism Blogs of 2012" (scroll down where you will find our blue logo for Nathan's Voice under my signature) which made me ecstatic! Later that year, I became more involved in as an apprentice and co-leader to the support group leader. As the support group leader for a little over three years, I enjoyed being able to connect with the wonderful families with which I came in contact. Even though I stepped down as the volunteer support group leader a few years ago, I continue to learn right along with the rest of you. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share our family's journey and pertinent information with my followers, as well as the family-friendly events happening across the state. 
     Over the next several months, I will be updating the blog and checking the links to make sure that they all work. If you have any questions about my blog, or any of the resources that I have listed, please feel free to contact me via email at anytime. I always love to hear from my readers. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to browse Nathan's Voice!