Sunday, August 7, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS to the 1st 'Rafflecopter' WINNER, Rob Gorski of "Lost and Tired", in our Autism Pendant Prizepack GIVEAWAY!!

I have been waiting for the chance to be able to use the Rafflecopter on "Nathan's Voice" for our giveaways...
and now that it's here, I am speechless that NOT SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE ENTERED!! 

If you haven't had the opportunity to use the Rafflecopter in a giveaway, it is EASY and YOU will want to get it for your blog immediately!! Just follow each step below and you will be entered for additional entries in no time at all! 
YOU don't have to donate to's FREE to enter the giveaway!!!  ~Lorrie

The "Drive For Autism" is just around the corner and our Team "Nathan's Voice" wants to support the Oklahoma Family Center for Autism in its efforts to provide educational grants, support research and outreach to Oklahoma families with loved ones on the autism spectrum. Thank YOU for your prayers and support as we "pay it forward"!