Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Would YOU Consider Me Blog Worthy?


     I was recently nominated for the Top 10 Autism Bloggers at Skinny Scoop! It caught me by surprise mostly because I consider myself to be an amateur. I created my blog, Nathan's Voice, around 
the middle of last June. I started up blogging to document our son's progress as accurately as possible. As I shared about our family's experiences with autism, I began adding the various local & online autism resources that we have come across since our son, Nathan,
was diagnosed. Raising autism awareness and helping everyone understand and accept my son has been most important to me. If 
what I have to share offers a sense of humor to other parents while they manage their own day to day experiences then I am honored to have been of assistance!

     So, I ask, would YOU consider me "blog worthy" and eligible to 
be one of the Top 10 Autism Bloggers? If so, please VOTE for 
me, in support of Nathan's Voice, at Skinny Scoop after reading this!

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