Sunday, April 8, 2012

What More Could I Ask For?

I was given a wonderful opportunity to join a wonderful group of bloggers for the 30 Days of Autism Challenge and I'm playing catch up! I am new at this sort of thing but, I'm really enjoying the challenge! After you finish reading my post, please visit each of these great parents' blogs as we raise Autism Awareness throughout the month of April!! 

      This morning, Nathan and his brother were excited about it being Easter. They couldn't wait to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them. Nathan was up at seven o'clock and when I sweetly asked him if he could lay quietly until everyone else woke up, he agreed. He's very particular how everyone speaks to him. I have learned that the tone of someone's voice means everything to my child. If he is irritated, feels threatened by or misunderstands anything said to him, you had better be ready for a meltdown! My child is a prime example of the saying "for every action, there is a re-action". 

     A little while later, after they had shouted all of their "oh, how cool!", "look what I got!" and "can we open and play with it now?" it was time for breakfast. We asked for them to help pick everything up and that was when the tensions escalated. They weren't quite ready to stop playing with their new possessions but, we had a schedule to keep. Our goal was to be able to have Easter lunch at Grandma's with family and friends. Everything else before that was an established part of our regular routine. Eventually, the tension, that had been so thick earlier, soon disappeared. 

     Nathan impressed our family today by listening to the sermon while he drew on the blank paper attached to the clipboard he carries with him to church.The new Pastor at our church has made a few changes and one of them is that he wants everyone in the santuary during the service. That includes all children, except those that are nursery age. Some parents are not very happy with this decision but, since Nathan and his brother have proven that they can handle about half an hour, we like having the entire family together during the service. 

     We had an enjoyable Easter lunch at my husband's parents with family and friends. It was when Nathan couldn't eat everything on his plate that he started having problems. He has a hard time accepting that he can't always complete the task he is given. I have explained to him that he should always do his best, no matter what. It took him a short while to understand that he wasn't in trouble for not being able to eat all of his food. About an hour later, Nathan and his brother had a disagreement while playing outside. We separated them at first but, then decided to take everyone home to relax. Overall, we had a decent day, especially for the time we spent away from the house.

     Join us as we celebrate Autism Awareness Month the rest of April! Please help Nathan's Voice in their effort to raise Autism Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance in our communities, local and online.  

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