Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Raising Autism Awareness in April!

     I am extremely honored to announce that Our Parenting Spot has invited me to return as a Featured Guest Writer for the next two weeks starting on April 3rd which is World Autism Awareness Day! Our Parenting Spot is a special online parenting community that offers advice, support and friendship to everyone. Please stop by to read my Featured Guest Article Autism "How-To" Guide for Parents and leave a comment. If you know another parent whose child has been recently diagnosed with Autism, or possibly thinks their child might need to be evaluated, please share this with them!                                                                                                               


  1. Heading over there now! Hope all is well with you Lorrie. How is your grandchild by the way?

    1. Thanks for taking time to check out my guest post at http://OurMomSpot.net!! My two month old granddaughter is precious and her two year old brother is still adjusting to not getting my daughter's full attention. I try to take him, Nathan & Vincent to McDonald's when I can. Have a great Easter weekend, my friend!