Saturday, April 21, 2012

How Would You Grade Me on the "30 Days of #Autism" Challenge?!?

     I have not been able to write every single day like I would have liked to and I am not trying to make excuses. We all have to re-prioritize from time to time. I just wish that I could have had a perfect posting for the "30 Days of #Autism" Challenge! So, I would appreciate it you would leave me a comment on how you would "grade" me for the "30 Days of #Autism" Challenge. Thank you for your input. It will give me an idea what I need to work on while raising Autism Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance.

     I want to take another opportunity to share with you the names of the blogs, that I know of, who are participating in the "30 Days of #Autism" Challenge.

  • 30 Days of Autism | Leah Kelley
  • 7 Yuckmouths and Autism
  • Aspergers Rules
  • C Gregory Run
  • Caden's Tale
  • Just Bring the Chocolate
  • Kat's Cafe
  • Life is a Puzzle
  • Lost and Tired
  • Making Time for Mom
  • Special Happens
  • Stuart Duncan's
  • Stuck on Shelby

  • Here is an updated list of participants in:

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