Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Could My Grandson Have #Autism?

     My daughter has her own children, now. I keep having to remind myself that I am a "Nana" to a very energetic two and a half year old grandson and a beautiful two month old granddaughter. My daughter and her brother that is off in Army Basic Training have grown up but, my new husband and I still have our two sons living at home, an almost nine year old and a ten year old. Our almost nine year old son, Nathan, was diagnosed with autism just a little more than four years ago. The following is a message that I received from my daughter after reading my most recent guest article Autism "How To" Guide For Parents on Our Mom Spot:

Your article has opened my eyes to what I have been missing. I'm definitely going to take Devon in for an evaluation. Almost everything you mentioned in this article points to him. I love that you are such a supporting and caring person, and I am glad to be in your life, and have you in mine. Would you accompany me to his doctors to help me know what to do? 
Love, Candace

OMGoodness! In the past few months, she has expressed her concerns with his garbled speech but, this caught me off guard. She said that he gets frustrated while trying to communicate with her, sometimes even grabbing her face with a hand on each side to look at her square in the eye. Because my grandson is under three years of age, he would qualify to be evaluated under the Early Intervention Program . My daughter is going to let me know when they are able to schedule an appointment for us to take him in for an evaluation. 
     My grandson's father has voiced his disbelief in his son needing any kind of educational assistance, leaving my precious daughter with little to no emotional support while she works at getting her son the help he needs. I pray that he will eventually be able to accept that his son will benefit from being evaluated now versus later. It may turn out that he might only need speech therapy. We will just have to wait to find out.  

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