Thursday, April 12, 2012

Could I Get You A Glass With That Whine?

     This is a little saying I use in fun with my husband when one or both of our boys have been testing our patience after a long day. My dear husband works outside year round servicing and maintaining swimming pools. His boss is a real slave driver, especially around this time of year when everyone wants their pool open and ready for the Memorial Day holiday. My man is of Italian decent and loves a nice glass of red wine with his pasta. 

     I am always using words that sound the same but, don't mean the same, in order to help Nathan learn the difference between them. He is doing better at distinguishing the various meaning of certain words such as lean, current, patient, trial and others like waist/waste, stair/stare and boy/buoy. Once he learns something, he is like a walking, talking dictionary. He will use what he learned, in a sentence at a moment when you least expect it, knowing it will bring a smile to your face.

     Nathan is also making progress when it comes to being able to tell if something is figurative or literal. The extreme rigidness he used to have was replaced with a small amount of flexibility and a slight sense of humor. We used to walk around on egg shells with the old Nathan. Now a days, I can joke with him and he knows that I'm just "pulling his leg". He will let out the cutest little laugh and proceed to tell me that I almost had him. 

     So, when I ask my husband which one of our sons should I pinch to fill his whine glass, they both start chuckling. My husband will smile and tell me "it doesn't matter" or asks me "which one had the last privilege?" I hope this hasn't offended anyone. It is only meant to show, that even with autism, you can have fun!


  1. Offend!?!? Heck NO! I love that there's another family EXACTLY like ours out there! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Gina! I'm thrilled that my sense of humor is right on track!! LOL I appreciate you taking the time to read my lil' blog!! :)