Saturday, April 7, 2012

What Does An Indoor Voice Sound Like?

     I want to apologize for not posting yesterday in support of Autism Awareness. I was exhausted after substitute teaching first grade yesterday, guiding Nathan and his fourth grade brother towards the car, socializing with their friends after we arrived home & then making dinner for the guys. I'm not as young as I once was and I am learning my limitations. This post was inspired by something that affects our household daily. I hope you enjoy this tiny morsel that I have to share.

     There was a time that it always seemed too quiet in the house. Without a doubt, that was before Nathan! My daughter used to play with her Barbies and other dolls for hours in her room without making a noise. Her brother came along almost three and a half years later & he was a quiet child, also. They argued, fought and screamed at each other like any siblings would but, the volume of their voices changed appropriately. Even though he is quite a bit younger than his siblings, my middle son has a voice and isn't afraid to use it when he needs to. It is Nathan, our youngest son, that has never had an indoor voice. The volume control on his internal remote is stuck on "boom" which makes it hard to hear anyone or anything else. If he says something to you and you don't answer right away, he only gets louder by the minute! I constantly find myself using hand signals to remind him to "turn" it "down" and talk more quietly. Controlling the volume of his voice is difficult for him. 
     We are not exactly sure why he talks so loud but, it could be connected to the frequent ear infections that Nathan used to have. Fluid would build up in the air pockets behind each of his eardrums because it wouldn't drain like it should & unfortunately lead to ear infections. He would barely finish his ten days of antibiotics before another infection would set in on the opposite ear. He has had four sets of ear tubes and when we went to the doctor the other day we were told that the tube in his right ear has moved out of place. This would explain why his ear isn't draining like it should. Unfortunately, Nathan has inherited my seasonal allergies and just can't catch a break! 

     While your enjoying lunch tomorrow with your family, please keep us in your prayers. Our family will be celebrating Easter at church tomorrow morning, during lunch at Nathan's Grandmas and afterwards. With all of the excitement that goes with family gatherings, lurks meltdowns and wanderings which always try to catch us unawares. We hope you have a SAFE and AWEsome Easter weekend!! I will be returning soon and working towards ... more tidbits and efforts of raising Autism Awareness! 

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