Saturday, May 31, 2014

Please Join Our #SpecialNeeds Family in Celebrating Our Sons' Most Recent Accomplishments in Academics and Leadership!

Most of my posts usually focus on my youngest son's challenges and hallelujahs because of his Autism. Today, it gives me great pleasure to be able to share something that his older brother has been awarded. As a sixth grader, Vincent has been a member of the Robotics Team and TSA at his middle school this past year. Yesterday morning, he was recognized as an Outstanding Member of the 2013-14 Robotics and TSA Team during his 6th grade Awards Assembly. This is quite an accomplishment which he undoubtedly deserves!

I'm also excited to bring you an update on something Nathan has been working towards for several years. The Music Teacher has initiated a competitive Music program where the student who has accumulated the most points during the academic year for the Highest Grade in Music and Exceptional Behavior is recognized by being awarded the Music Trophy. He almost had it last year. This last Wednesday, Nathan was chosen to receive the highly-coveted Music Trophy out of all of the third, fourth and fifth grade students at his elementary school! 

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