Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Will Nathan Handle The Change?

     Since Nathan was diagnosed four years ago, we have had the support of each of his regular education teachers and his numerous special education teachers, one of which is also his  Individualized Education Plan "IEP" case manager. She has always looked out for Nathan and made sure that nothing got in the way of his educational rights. Right after Nathan started his Kindergarten year, there was an opportunity for me to attend a free training seminar, on Autism Behavior, over a three month period but, I would only be able to do so if two educators accompanied me. This amazing woman made it possible for me to be able to attend by asking Nathan's Kindergarten Teacher to be a part of our team, laying the foundation for Nathan's future progress. 
     About two months ago, I found out that this is her last year at our school. Her family is being transferred due to her husband's line of work. Nathan doesn't know, yet. I have decided to wait until just before her last day to tell him so that he doesn't dwell on it. I will have him make her a card while explaining to him that her family is moving away. If someone this important to him had moved away two or three years ago, I would not be so confident. I have to credit her with how well Nathan handles change. She has been his "life support" the last four years and we appreciate it more than she knows. She understands that he needs to have an occasional afternoon "break" from his regular classroom schedule in order for him to handle the entire school day. 
     I may be foolish in thinking that he will accept her moving away without a "meltdown" but, I have every confidence in the investment she made towards his social behavior and academic structure. With the strong foundation that this exceptional woman has built up for Nathan, he will be able to handle almost anything in stride. Our family has seen the progress that Nathan has made due to her patience, training and dedication to working with him. Wherever she moves to, she will be an asset to any school system. Nathan and I will miss her but, we wish her and her family the best! 

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