Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"The Chocolate Scented Calculator"

     Two weeks ago, our elementary school had its annual Spring Book Fair. There is always a great selection of books for the children to choose from. Each class, Kindergarten up through fifth grade, is allowed to shop for books after they watch the Scholastic Book Fair video during their regularly scheduled time in the Library, if they have money.

     Scholastic also offers a wide variety of discounted books, ink pens, posters, erasers and bookmarks. This year, they added some new items. One of those items was a calculator that looks and smells just like chocolate! 

     The Library only received two dozen of this newly coveted item and it looked like they wouldn't last long with over seven hundred students whispering about it! Two of those students were my own third grade son, Nathan and his fourth grade brother, Vincent!! Their classes had already been to the Book Fair when this came in. The only reason that my boys had even seen this new item was because I had been working as 
a volunteer at the Book Fair that week. 

     I want to remind you that your computer keyboard is not protected from "drool" and your computer screen most likely does not come with a "scratch & sniff" feature! :P 

     Before you scroll down, I want to warn you..."Do NOT lick the screen!" (Please forgive me, I just couldn't resist!!) 

     If you haven't guessed by now, I have given in to my boys, who are each the proud owners of their very own "chocolate calculators". Nathan would sit around all day "sniffing" his new calculator, if I let him! When it's out in his line of sight, it is ALL he can focus on!! Nathan asked if he could take his new calculator to school and I had to explain to him that it needed to stay at home, where it would be safe. (I must sound controlling!) 

     What do YOU think?!? I think that this picture says it ALL!! 

     Remember when I told you that I had one more picture to upload and that it could be in a day or two?!? I apologize for it taking longer than what I originally planned! 

     The following pictures are of Nathan's 4th grade brother, Vincent, and his chocolate calculator. I thought that it would only be fair if both boys were able to show off their newest possession. 

     We only have five days of school until we are out for the summer and then the following week is when we will attend "Camp Noggin" for autism. It's wonderful how the smallest reminder will put the biggest smile on their face, just like that!  

     To me, a smile like the one above is one of the biggest "paychecks" that I could receive as a Mom. 

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