Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Apologize for Not Having Made the Time to Post Something Before Now...

It's been quite a while since I have been able to share what has been happening with our special needs family. We are currently experiencing some major changes in multiple areas of our lives. I want to thank you for your continued patience, as we work through each of these changes and how they will affect our daily routines/schedules. Just so that everyone is not too shocked, I will most likely be updating the website over the next few weeks, and possibly "shaking it up" a little more than I have in the past...

Friday, July 3, 2015

PLEASE #Share This Post and Eat at the Southside OKC @SBBurgerjoint Tuesday July 7th to Support to My Almost Blind 3 y/o Granddaughter!!

My sweet 3 year old granddaughter is going blind without any hope of a transplant or cure. She currently still has her peripheral vision but, it doesn’t help much if her eyes are crossed trying to compensate for the loss of her central vision. In an attempt to help my precious granddaughter, I created our Family & Friends Team “Kickin’ It With Kairi”, and she will be the featured recipient at the S & B Burger Joint, located at 7745 S. Walker Avenue in OKC, this next Tuesday, July 7th, 2015. This event will help raise the necessary funds to assist Kairi’s family in helping her adjust to the changes that are ahead of her such as having to learn Braille so that she can read and communicate with others around her; to gain the ability to depend on her remaining senses in order to lead a productive life; and to have access to a school that will facilitate and enhance the education she needs to thrive in society. Please show your support to Kairi by visiting the Southside S & B Burger Joint, located at 7745 S. Walker Avenue in OKC, this next Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 and by inviting all of your family and friends to join you in supporting a great cause!

If YOU are available to help me, for any length of time during the fundraiser event, please email me at ASAP so that we can coordinate the details. Thank you to everyone who is planning to come by the southside S & B Burger Joint location to show your support to my sweet granddaughter!! I will always accept help from anyone will to ‪#‎share the event through social media and/or by way of email to friends...I have also created a flier if you are interested in putting them up at various locations in your area. Just let me know!

*Here is a short note of gratitude written by my daughter, Candace, Kairi's mother...
"I am so excited that S&B Burger Joint is giving Kairi Lynn Husmann this opportunity to meet new people who care and support her through this transition in her life. It has been almost a year since Kairi was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. It has been difficult on the whole family, not only adjusting to her needs but understanding what she is going through. We appreciate the time and support of the Okc Metro community. Please join us and enjoy some delicious burgers."

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Have YOU Heard About The Awesomely Unique Way You & Your Friends Can Support @AutismOklahoma Just by Shopping at #TheTithingCloset in OKC?

I know that it has been a while since I have posted but, I would like to announce  a wonderful opportunity that benefits and recognizes the grassroots nonprofit organization in the surrounding community! I was recently contacted by the co-owner of The Tithing Closet, the newly-opened thrift store located at 2605 N. MacArthur Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73127. She had something interesting to tell me about the activity she was experiencing in her store. First, let me explain a little bit about the philosophy of the organization behind the name of the store...
The Tithing Closet is an organization believes in giving back to the community in the form of tithing and giving 10% of what you've been blessed with to the betterment of another. The tithing program is not based on religion and is not influenced by the religious belief of the owners, in fact, they welcome all religions and individuals. When a customer makes a purchase at this thrift store, the receipt from their purchase can be designated towards a charity or organization in the community who has signed up with their location. The Tithing Closet accepts up to five charities per month for customers to choose to support when donating the receipt from their purchase.
Back to the exciting news that I mentioned. Earlier this month, there were several customers who mentioned while making their purchase at The Tithing Closet. One of the customers even pulled up my blog to get my email address so that the owner of the thrift store could contact me about becoming one of the five organizations that their customers can choose to support. Since their store has only just opened, will continue as one of the five organizations available to choose from until end of July. And if each of our supporters will introduce themselves to the co-owner, Lazara Gonzalez, when choosing to support through their purchase of items at the Tithing Closet, we will receive an additional 2% of support from that receipt donated to us...making it a total of 12% and that support will add up amazingly quick during the month!!! 
So if YOU like shopping at thrift stores, especially those who give back to our community, please check out The Tithing Closet at 2605 N. MacArthur Blvd and be sure to introduce yourself when choosing to support with the donation of your receipt at checkout!! If we get enough customers choosing to support, we may be given the extraordinary opportunity of continuing as an organization receiving year-round support from The Tithing Closet!!!! Be sure to tell ALL of your friends about this truly unique opportunity to support our grassroots nonprofit,!!!!!!!!
Lorrie Servati,
AutismOKC Leader & Coordinator


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Be Sure to Mark Your Calendars and Join Us to Support @AutismOklahoma Through the Upcoming Restaurant #GiveBackNights!

Come and meet your friends for dinner! You can enjoy a great meal, have a good time and know that you are helping by making a donation to a great cause with every meal! Check out the Restaurant Dates for other great opportunities to support the upcoming 2016 AutismOklahoma PieceWalk & 5K! 

We hope that YOU will make plans to join us on Tuesday, June 16th from 4:00pm to close at 7900 S. Walker on the southside of OKC for dinner. This is a great opportunity to catch up with family, friends and/or co-workers while enjoying the summer! Please tell your waitstaff that you are there in support of AutismOklahoma and that participating Johnny Carino's location will donate a portion of the proceeds to AutismOklahoma!! Be sure to tell everyone you know about this event!

Join us on Thursday, June 25th from 2:00pm to 8:00pm 1505 S.W. 74th Street in OKC to enjoy either a late lunch and/or dinner! Please let your waitstaff know that you are there to support AutismOklahoma and the southside Schlotzsky's location will donate a portion of the proceeds to AutismOklahoma!! We  look forward to seeing YOU there!

Now, this AutismOklahoma fundraiser is one that YOU will want to put on the calendar on your phone, your computer and refrigerator!! If you have ever eaten at Earl's Rib Palace, you have most likely enjoyed "The Brownie" for dessert. The Earl's Rib Palace in Moore, located at 920 SW 25th Street just off the I-35 Service Road, will be donating 100% of the proceeds from all of the brownie sales on Wednesday, July 15th from 5:00pm - 9:00pm in support of AutismOklahoma!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fathers Needed for Research Study on Playing with Their Sons with #Autism

     Jason contacted me with information on this study a few weeks back. Unfortunately, at that time I was studying for my college finals. I am just now sharing this with you. If you are, or someone you know might be interested, in participating in this study, please contact Jason Bloom either through the email address or the phone number listed below. 
     Have a great Memorial Day weekend!                                                                                                         Lorrie

Monday, April 27, 2015

YOU Will Want to Check Out this Special Guest Post by Alan Stokes @AutismLight and #Share with Families in the #Autism Community!

I am privileged to introduce a friend I recently met on Twitter. Welcome our Guest Writer, Alan Stokes, the Founder and Author of Autism Light. Please share his guest post with someone you know!

About Autism Light...

On June 21, 2011, I started the Autism Light blog. I had been looking online for hope and light for being a better autism father to my then six year old son Jonathan. I stumbled across the story of Carly Fleischmann having a breakthrough in communication and wanted to preserve the details, links, and inspiration that I found so I could reference it later. So my first post was on Carly Fleischmann and she was Autism Light #1. 400 posts later I still use that same style of giving each Autism Light the next consecutive number and introducing each new post with that number.

My goal for my blog is to continue to build a relevant collection of content about autism from diverse voices in the world. As the number of posts on my blog continues to increase I am working on updating some of the biographical details in older ones and creating more index pages by geography and themes that make it easier for people to find older posts in multiple ways. We are nearing half a million page views on the blog.

I have been asked how I select and find subjects to write about at Autism Light. I am constantly reading and researching things about autism on the Internet and when a story touches my heart I try to work it in to my blog in the future. I attempt to give consideration for building diversity in the overall collection and also spotlight themes for holidays when possible, such as my Martin Luther King, Jr. Day series.  

I think the autism community is blessed like none other to have such a diverse and vibrant source of heroes who really care about autism and are giving of part of their heart and soul to shine a light for autism. Our differences do not have to divide us. Although none of us experences the Autism Spectrum in the same exact way, as we look at the wisdom, experiences, and passions of others we can find a ray of Autism Light for our journey.

The Reason I Blog...

I wanted to take this opportunity to share four reasons I think more people should have an autism blog.

1.          It’s Free: There are free platforms such a Blogger that can host one's blog and the promotion can be done through free social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

2.         It Can Help Others: When the content of a blog is placed on the internet it can be used to inspire and give hope to people from around the world. People who come to autism with their unique needs and who nevertheless will usually remain anonymous. 

3.         It Helps One Learn About Autism: It really is true that one of the best ways to learn about a subject is to write about it. If you want to become more knowledgeable about autism I can think of no better way than to write a blog.

4.         It Helps One Put Their Situation into Perspective: When one interacts with the autism world at a level necssary to create content for a blog, it becomes clear that every family is fighting their own battles. No matter what the situation is that one is facing, someone else has it a little harder. Other has been there and done that and survived.

I wholeheartedly recommend autism blogging. Feel free to contact me if you have recommendations for content on one of my blogs or would like to collaborate on something constructive related to autism awareness and acceptance.

About Me:

Alan Stokes is an autism father from the Lansing, Michigan area who started the Autism Light blog in June, 2011 The blog spotlights diverse autism organizations, resources, human interest stories, celebrities, people with autism, and parents shining a light for autism from anywhere in the world. He also maintains the Autism Rest, Autism Shares, Autism Sites, and Autism Quotes blogs. You can email him at Also, be sure and follow him on Twitter @AutismLight where links to any new blog posts are shared immediately.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bring Your Vehicles to the Car Wash this Saturday, April 4th to Support the OKC Webster TSA so That Their Team Can Attend the TSA State Conference!

Help support the OKC Webster TSA Students as they are fundraising to be able to go to the fast-approaching TSA State Conference! TSA stands for Technology Student Association. This semester, each of the students enrolled in Technology Engineering classes have been attending and competing in mini-conferences across the state, and they have been building personal and team skills such as Leadership, Communication and Technology. These wonderful students are our future!

Our OKC Webster TSA Chapter will be having another Car Wash this coming Saturday, April 4th from 9:30am-2:00pm in the parking lot of the Advance Auto Parts, on the southside of SW 29th Street, between Linn and Villa, to raise $$$$$ to be able to send our students to the fast-approaching TSA State Conference!! PLEASE support our OKC Webster TSA Chapter and their Leader, Mr. Lowery by bringing YOUR vehicles by for our hardworking students, and the rest of us, to wash!!!! We would appreciate it if you would ‪#‎share‬ this event with family, friends, neighbors and anyone else you know!

If you can't make it to the TSA Car Wash, please consider making a donation towards their efforts so they can attend the upcoming TSA State Conference April 7-9th!! Please email me directly at so that I can make arrangements to get it to Mr. Lowery before the students go to the TSA State Conference. Thank YOU for your support!!! And if YOU happen to be a past, present or future TSA student, we look forward to connecting with you!!!