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I decided that the Resource Blog Hop needed it's own page so that everyone has access to the new resource links. Thank you for your patience and understanding!                    Lorrie

A dear friend of mine, and someone whom I admire, has started this blog hop for any and all blogs relating to allergies, asthma, autism and itchy skin. This is for parents helping their children cope and for adults with any of the above conditions.
No rules, just links. AND Every month, I hope to add more blogs to the list!
If you want to join, please add a comment below and I’ll add you. I just ask that you reciprocate the favor and add my link to your blog as well. And if you feel inspired, please continue the blog hop on your site. The more connections we make, the better informed we’ll all be.
I’ve started the list with a few bloggers I’ve connected with, feel free to join in!
Let the FUN begin!!
1. ScratchMeNot                                                10. Autism Cafe              

2. Itchy Little World                                         11. Pathways Developmental Learning Center  

3. Eczema Blues                                                  12.  Autistic Globetrotter                         

4. Frugal Food Allergies                                  13. 30 Days of Autism

5. Thriving with Autism                                   14. Autism & Asperger's Syndrome

6. Aspie Writer                                                    15. Sharonsweb Autism Foundation

7. Caden's Tale                                                     16. Special Education Advisor

8. Aspie Kid                                                           17. Turn Up The Valium

9. Uninspired Revolution                               18. Happy Robot Coaching 

If you have a blog, or a website, that offers products, resources or services that would benefit others on the autism spectrum, please contact me via e-mail 
and I would be glad to add it to the list! ♥ I look forward to hearing from you!

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