The Person Behind The Voice

     My name is Lorrie Servati. I am the Creator and Administrator of Nathan's Voice. I decided that I would enjoy blogging much more than making shorter posts, and additional comments, of what I wanted to say on facebook. When I set up my facebook account seven years ago, the only reason was so that I could keep in touch with my older son whom was living in another state with his father, my ex-husband. I played a few of the facebook games, which proved to be extremely addicting but, I soon decided that other than connecting with family or school classmates, that I would keep my facebook page on a limited capacity.
     My husband of fifteen years and I live in Oklahoma (US) with our two sons of 12yrs and almost 14yrs. Our youngest son was diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder almost eight years ago. To help our son, I have taken some free training along side a few of his teachers, have participated in all of his IEP meetings and have made myself available to all of his teachers, including being in the classroom at times. I became a substitute teacher (3 years) through the local public school system to help where I can, mostly in the area of special education. I enjoyed being able to get to know the children, while I temporarily filled-in for their teacher. I always had a "treasure chest" available, for the students I worked with, at the end of the day, unless their regular teacher already has something similar in place. I served as the new PTA Treasurer for our sons' elementary during the 2011-2012 school year. I enjoyed working along side any/all other motivated parents to improve the relationship between the faculty, parents and grandparents of the students, celebrate and reward the students at our school for their efforts towards academic achievement and be a role model for my children, when it comes to being involved in what is affecting the growth and education of our children. 
     I also have two wonderful children from my first marriage. My oldest son that I mentioned above is now 21yrs. old. He has been working in roofing for almost six years, with the father of a friend, learning a trade that interests him. My daughter is 26yrs. old, has her own son who is 6yrs. old, her own daughter who is 3yrs. old and her youngest son who recently turned 1 year old. Yes, that's right...I'm a "Nana" & proud of it!!
     April 2012, Nathan's Voice was nominated as one of the "Top 10 Autism Blogs of 2012" (scroll down where you will find our blue logo for Nathan's Voice on the left) which made me ecstatic! August 2012, I became more involved in as an apprentice and co-leader to the support group leader. I have been publishing the monthly e-newsletter for AutismOKC since August 2012 and I love connecting our members with family-friendly events across the state. Even though I assumed the role of the support group leader a few years ago, I continue to learn right along with the rest of our parents. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share our family's journey on the spectrum and pertinent information with the other members in the group, at the monthly meetings and online through our facebook group. Then something absolutely amazing happened...I was accepted as an honored member of the 2012 Covington Who's Who Registry of Executives and Professionals to represent the state of Oklahoma in Autism Advocacy!! Last summer, I was given the exciting opportunity to record my very first podcast through the National Association of Distinguished Professionals (NADP) on YouTube through the Executive Broadcast Channel in July 2014 and as a VIP of Covington Who's Who Registry, I also have a two page article featured in the Leader's Across America online magazine which came out Fall 2014! I'm so excited in how this exposure will undoubtedly increase autism awareness, understanding and acceptance with everyone that visits my blog!!
     If you have any questions about my blog, or any of the resources that I have listed, please feel free to contact me via email at anytime. I always love to hear from my readers. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to browse Nathan's Voice!