A Few Blogs I Follow

Check out A Dog 4 Deeds to read more about JD, his diagnosis of autism and his journey with Magpie, his Seizure Alert and Autism Service Dog. Please look for the "paw" on their home page to donate to JD's custodial fund which will fund travel, training, treatments and ongoing medical expenses. Follow @dog4deeds on twitter & share the joy!
This is the tale of our son Caden & our journey through autism. This blog is our way of allowing others to travel the bumpy road with us. Some days the stories are adorable, some days they are horrific, but it is all just a part of Caden’s tale!
Living with Logan is a blog about practical, real life applications of an impractical diet and LOTS of therapy for one tiny child in a family of nine. Read about how "The Momma" of Living With Logan was able to attend BlogHer'11, and what she has to share with us. Please follow @ihave7monsters on twitter for updates!

Your Daily Source for the Best Reviews, Giveaways & Social Media Tips in the Blogosphere. Check out Simply Staciethe Review & Giveaway blog featuring women’s products, books & family friendly items. If you are wanting to follow on twitter, you can find her @simplystacienet!

Single Mom on a Budget works full time, functions as CFO, psychologist, maid, chauffeur and coach, and she specializes in maximizing her income through smart, careful budgeting & wonderous cost-saving strategies. Her fixation on frugality helps parents raise their kids without stressing over the bills. You'll want to follow @singlemomonabgt on twitter!

Steve Kossor is a Child Psychologist, expert Medicaid-EPSDT & BHRS consultant, and the Founder of the Institute for Behavior Change. Take a moment to read his Guest Posts BHRS in a Wraparound CupMedicaid Eligibility – the “Medically Needy” category, and How to know if you're getting the best quality treatment services for your childFollow @SteveKossor for updates on rights to available services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

This Life As I LOVE It! 
I am an Army wife, mom/step-mom of five amazing kids & business owner. I love life, living, laughing & loving! I learn by experience and want to share my experiences with you! My family has been changed by the unwanted abuse of many kinds at the hands of others, and as we battle this awful epidemic of our society I am reaching out to share and help others. Come and join me on my journey to share my life as I LOVE it! Follow me @heather31mom on twitter!