Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Have YOU Heard About The Awesomely Unique Way You & Your Friends Can Support @AutismOklahoma Just by Shopping at #TheTithingCloset in OKC?

I know that it has been a while since I have posted but, I would like to announce  a wonderful opportunity that benefits AutismOklahoma.org and recognizes the grassroots nonprofit organization in the surrounding community! I was recently contacted by the co-owner of The Tithing Closet, the newly-opened thrift store located at 2605 N. MacArthur Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73127. She had something interesting to tell me about the activity she was experiencing in her store. First, let me explain a little bit about the philosophy of the organization behind the name of the store...
The Tithing Closet is an organization believes in giving back to the community in the form of tithing and giving 10% of what you've been blessed with to the betterment of another. The tithing program is not based on religion and is not influenced by the religious belief of the owners, in fact, they welcome all religions and individuals. When a customer makes a purchase at this thrift store, the receipt from their purchase can be designated towards a charity or organization in the community who has signed up with their location. The Tithing Closet accepts up to five charities per month for customers to choose to support when donating the receipt from their purchase.
Back to the exciting news that I mentioned. Earlier this month, there were several customers who mentioned AutismOklahoma.org while making their purchase at The Tithing Closet. One of the customers even pulled up my blog to get my email address so that the owner of the thrift store could contact me about AutismOklahoma.org becoming one of the five organizations that their customers can choose to support. Since their store has only just opened, AutismOklahoma.org will continue as one of the five organizations available to choose from until end of July. And if each of our supporters will introduce themselves to the co-owner, Lazara Gonzalez, when choosing to support AutismOklahoma.org through their purchase of items at the Tithing Closet, we will receive an additional 2% of support from that receipt donated to us...making it a total of 12% and that support will add up amazingly quick during the month!!! 
So if YOU like shopping at thrift stores, especially those who give back to our community, please check out The Tithing Closet at 2605 N. MacArthur Blvd and be sure to introduce yourself when choosing to support AutismOklahoma.org with the donation of your receipt at checkout!! If we get enough customers choosing to support AutismOklahoma.org, we may be given the extraordinary opportunity of continuing as an organization receiving year-round support from The Tithing Closet!!!! Be sure to tell ALL of your friends about this truly unique opportunity to support our grassroots nonprofit, AutismOklahoma.org!!!!!!!!
Lorrie Servati,
AutismOKC Leader & Coordinator


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