Sunday, March 22, 2015

Please Make a Donation of ANY SIZE and #Share so the #OKCWebster #TSA Students Can Attend The Upcoming #TSA State Conference on April 7-9, 2015

If you are not familiar with what TSA is, it stands for Technology Student Association and the team of students which are enrolled in Technology Engineering classes. Our middle school's TSA team attends and competes in approximately 30 different events related to Leadership, Communications and Technology. 

These students have attended 3 mini-conference this year and now need the funding in order for them to register, attend and compete at the upcoming TSA State Conference. There are about 14 students which have qualified to go to the TSA State Conference. To qualify, each of these students had to give up 3 Saturdays to attend mini-conferences and compete in their respective events. Our school's TSA team has received numerous trophies and awards at these mini-conferences. In fact, a young lady on our TSA team is a TSA Western Region officer, and the first for our middle school!

The TSA State Conference is April 7-9 and will be at the Reed Center in Midwest City like last year. If WE ARE GOING TO HELP these students attend this event, which they have been working towards, the TIME IS NOW!! Visit the fundraiser for the OKC WEBSTER TSA team HERE and help MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

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