Monday, March 3, 2014

Series Beginning - Looking Through the Kaleidoscope of #Autism!

Hello, my name is Nathan. I am almost eleven years old and I have Autism. My favorite colors are blue and gold. I like to play football every chance I get but, sometimes I choose to play other things like basketball or soccer because my brother, Vincent, can't play contact sports. He was born with only one kidney and it is important for him to protect it. I try to help by playing a game he can play.

In my school, I'm currently in second place on an online Math website called First In Math. My goal is to get enough points to move up to first place status! Next year, I will be in sixth grade at the middle school with my brother and where my mom works. I am excited about being able to move up to the middle school but, I am also anxious about having to change classes and how busy it gets in the hallways between the bells.


  1. Looks like Nathan is a budding writer!

    1. Yes, he loves to write! Since he wrote this post, we have found out that the school district is moving the 6th graders back to the elementary, starting next year. He will have to attend the elementary school one more year but, will have a male teacher in the 6th grade. Once testing is complete, I will encourage him to write another post for us!