Monday, March 3, 2014

Series Beginning - A Brother's Perspective - Victorious Vincent

Hi. My name is Vincent and I'm Nathan's big brother. I turned twelve years old in January and I have ADHD. I was born with only one kidney, so this means that I can't play football with my brother or my friends. ADHD makes it hard for me to focus and I sometimes forget stuff. The good thing about having a brother is that if none of my neighborhood friends are home, I always have someone to play with.

Having a brother with Autism is kind of hard on me because I feel that I am constantly watching to make sure that he doesn't do anything that he's not supposed to. I have made a lot of compromises to accomodate my brother but, I try my best to help him fit in because he is my best friend. We have had quite a few disagreements over the years but, Nathan and I always get past it.

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