Monday, October 14, 2013

Win a #Success Box By Visiting The Our Mom Spot Community!

I have learned that I am an extremely visual person. I understand verbal instructions to an extent, I just comprehend them better if I can see a visual example. I have never been diagnosed by anyone but, I am probably a "high-functioning" autistic individual, like my own son. I'm glad that prevalence and awareness has increased so that children, like my own son, can be diagnosed at an early age. It is important that individuals with autism receive the services they need, to be able to accomplish their educational goals, in turn, helping them eventually to function as they need to in society. 

Organization is also an important factor when trying to accomplish anything. This is where I will share a giveaway that is being featured on an online parenting community called Our Mom Spot. If you are a special needs parent or an educator, you will want to check it out!

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