Thursday, September 26, 2013

They Are Absolutely Beautiful and We Ask That YOU Get One, Or More*, To Show Your Support Of Our #Autism Team!!

Look at this!

The logo will be slightly more opaque and will glow with the light on...this is awesome!

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to raise Autism Awareness in our very own online community! The beautiful Scentsy Warmers you see pictured above display our Autism Team & Blog "Nathan's Voice" logo. This is something YOU don't want to miss out on, so get yours while they last! Please support our "Nathan's Voice", and help raise Autism Awareness, by purchasing one of these one of a kind Scentsy Warmers. Each of these beautiful Scentsy Warmers sells for $50.00 and 25% goes to in support of Autism Team "Nathan's Voice"!!

We appreciate the support of our readers, followers, friends and family. Display your support of our "Nathan's Voice" for others to see. Remember that the blue Autism Team "Nathan's Voice" logo will be slightly more opaque and will glow with the light on. Order yours today, by sending me an email to so that we can place an order on your behalf for the number of these beautiful "Nathan's Voice" Scentsy Warmers that you are wanting to purchase in support of Autism Awareness!

Thank YOU for your continued support and we always look forward to hearing from you!!

Lorrie Servati
Nathan's Mom and Voice
Autism Team Captain

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