Sunday, July 14, 2013

It Has Seemed Like It Has Taken FOREVER But, the AWESOME #Autism "Camp C.A.N.O.E" Is Almost Here!!

You are probably wondering what I am getting all excited about? Let me tell YOU! Almost two years ago, my husband and I took our two energetic boys to check out Camp DaKaNi's Open House and learn more about Camp C.A.N.O.E., the NEW Autism Camp that was scheduled to start the Summer of 2012. What makes me proud as a parent, and to be involved as a camp counselor, is that Camp C.A.N.O.E. stands for "Children with Autism Need Outdoor Experiences"! What I love is that Camp C.A.N.O.E. offers each of these children the chance to improve fine and gross motor skills, to increase their confidence, self-reliance, to help them to work with others as a team, to solve problems, to strengthen independent thinking, communication and social skills as they make friends...every parent's dream, or at least mine!!

The staff at Camp DaKaNi for Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma have been preparing all year for the 2013 Camp C.A.N.O.E. This will be my second year to work as a camp counselor during Camp C.A.N.O.E. and along side many other awesome volunteers. We will enjoy exploring the thirty-three acres of Camp DaKaNi while learning or perfecting skills such as the zip line, archery, rock climbing, canoeing and fishing. I can't wait until Camp C.A.N.O.E. 2013!! If YOU have a child that might enjoy getting out of the house each day for a FUN-filled week, you will want to check this out for next year!

We are always looking for individuals, and companies that will allow their employees, to volunteer during Camp C.A.N.O.E. each year. If YOU are interested in volunteering, or know someone who might want to, please contact Kristin Harper either by phone (405)254-2071 or by email for more information. 

You can follow me @MissMaryMackOKC and Camp DaKaNi @CampFireHOK for updates. I look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to give me a shout!

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