Friday, June 21, 2013

I Would Like To Introduce You To "Helping Hands Worldwide"

I joined the Helping Hands Worldwide community about seven months ago. It is an honor to be a part of this special group which helps people who are struggling financially, due to having a child or children with special needs or medical condition. This group lends the needed support to help make sure that each child receives either a birthday present or Christmas present when the child's parents can not afford to provide a gift. Parents/friends can send a personal message with details on the child so that the group can organize a little special gift from all of us in the Helping Hands Worldwide community. 
The Helping Hands Worldwide community is in need of more individuals, or even families, interested in becoming a Hero in either the "Children In Need" program or the "Heroes for Kids" program. Are YOU interested in putting a smile on a special child's face because you are willing to make sure that he or she has a birthday present and a card, or a Christmas present, on that special day in their life?!? Please take the time to visit Helping Hands Worldwide so that Dee Williams can help you get you registered for the program! 
If you are interested in the other various groups featured by Helping Hands Worldwide, please check out the following: 
    • Children in Need (for children on our list who's parents cannot afford a gift) 
    • Adult Birthday Group (cards for adults only - senders & recipients) 
    • Heroes for Kids (volunteers who would like to sponsor children in need) 
    • Heroes for Adults (sending cards or ecards to parents of special needs kids) 
    • ASD support group 
    • Financial Resource (forums by state/country) 
    • Special Education Resources (forums by state/country) 
    • PenPals for Kids (where you can help your child find a penpal) 
    • PenPals for Parents (where you can find yourself an adult to talk to) 
    • Prayer Group (for those needing prayers and who will pray for others) 
    • Special Diet Requirements (for those with special dietary needs & food allergies) 
    • Weight Loss Support (forums for different diets, so you can find support) 
    • USA Smart Phone Drive (for people who can help gather or donate used smart phones with touch screens and the phone charger. The phones will be reset to factory setting, apps loaded and placed with children in need of assistive technology, who's parents cannot afford an iPad or iTouch to download apps on, so Helping Hands Worldwide can make a difference and help them with a new way to learn!)

Your help is most needed in helping to make sure that each of these wonderful children receives a present on their birthday and Christmas. It is an awesome feeling to be able to assist their parents make sure that special day is one that they will remember!! Please be sure to mention that Lorrie Servati of "Nathan's Voice" sent you. I look forward to hearing from anyone that wishes to leave me a comment below. Thank YOU for taking the time to read my post and be motivated enough to visit Helping Hands Worldwide!

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