Sunday, March 17, 2013

Please Join Us In Our "Case Management Consultation"!

Please follow these extremely EASY directions to join us in tonight's online "Case Management Consultation":

All you have to do is to open an internet browser and type (no “http” or “www” just all by itself in the URL bar) and hit ENTER.  You will see the meeting page and the word “Join” to the right if a meeting is open.  Click on “Join” which will enable you to join the meeting.

Webex automatically loads the necessary connective equipment onto your computer (it does not “harvest” any information from your computer, just installs some small bit of software that enables you to be able to use the WebEx service.  You only have to do that once.  You will have to enter your name (an alias is allowed) and your e-mail address (so there is some record of attendance at the meeting and material can be sent back to you at the end of the meeting such as resources, etc).  You will need to enter the password for the meeting, which is always Institute1 (with the “I” capitalized). 

Once the meeting connection is made, you will click on Call Using Computer and your audio (microphone) is turned on and you can even send video of yourself, if you choose to.  Mr. Kossor's video feed will be available if somebody wants to watch him talk; you don’t have to “share” any video (you can just watch and listen).  Anyone who joins the meeting can speak if they choose to (you can “mute” your microphone if you want to just listen). 

When you want to leave the meeting, just click on the “leave meeting” button and your microphone, camera and contact with the meeting ends.  

Enjoy the online "Case Management Consultation" and we ask that you will share your thoughts with us afterwards!

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