Monday, December 10, 2012

Oklahoma #Autism Friendly Photo Shoot Being Offered Throughout the Year!!

A few weeks ago, my family enjoyed the comfortable and relaxed opportunity to get our assorted family pictures only took 15 minutes while the proceeds go to support the Autism Oklahoma's Piece Walk!! The picture shown above is one of almost 20 pictures taken and made available on disk.

Email me TODAY at to schedule your sitting!!!!!

All proceeds for 2013 Piece Walk
Don't be shy to bring cranky kids or adults for that matter!!! We will work through it.
$25 cash 
Sitting Fee
Framed 8x10
Disc and copy rights

Outside country holiday! Very simple yet classy!
This will be inside a fenced backyard (safe for little ones or wanderers!)

Also, we are looking for any photographers that would like to donate some time! 
Please email me at or leave a comment below the post. 
We would really appreciate the help! Thank you!!

*Join Autism Oklahoma for the 2013 Piece Walk. Register today. Your participation helps sponsor important Autism research and programs throughout Oklahoma..


  1. What a great idea! What a wonderful picture! It is still available too!

    1. Thank you! I am hoping that more families will want to schedule a time for their Autism-Friendly Family Photo during the year!! {hugs}