Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nathan's 8th Birthday

     Today, Nathan turned 8 years old! The boys spent the morning relaxing indoors and we watched a movie, Princess and the Frog, together before we went to pick up the cake. It's nice to be able to enjoy watching them grow up...I just wish it wasn't moving so fast! 
     We took pizza and cake over to Grandma & Grandad's house this evening to celebrate Nathan's Birthday. He surprised us when he chose a baseball theme for his cake this year instead of one of the new movies that had come out recently. Afterwards, we joined our local autism friends for a night of bowling in a nearby city. It was a great relief to see how easily Nathan handles the "occasional" gutter ball or not being able to make a score as high as older his brother, Vincent. The meltdowns are not as frequent as they used to be and he's definitely maturing. 
     All is quiet, for now, so I had better take advantage of the sleep I can get!


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