Monday, April 7, 2014

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinion But, I Think That We Are "Losing Sight Of The Big Picture" When We Should Be Raising #AutismAwareness In Our Communities To Accept Our Children!

Honestly, it has been difficult to figure out whether I am more appalled at what I have witnessed in the social media over the last several days, or more exhausted from the countless edits that I have invested in this post, as I put my feelings into words. The overwhelming negativity has taken over the social media where the coverage of positive Autism Awareness should exist! 

As advocates, we have chosen to bash, berate and boycott those who have raised the most awareness for our cause, not thinking of how others view our "temper tantrums" in the very social media we should be using to promote the positive awareness that our children deserve. Instead of showing how "immature" we can be about the things which we can not change, we should be concentrating on raising the levels of awareness and acceptance in the community for our children.

If you have a "bone to pick" with a particular company, group or business, please do it in a civilized manner. It is counter-productive to "boycott" a retailer who wants to donate a percentage of their sales in support of Autism Awareness Month, in order to "punish" another organization...this is extremely foolish to spurn the support they have offered!

April is Autism Awareness Month and our primary goal should be to help those in our surrounding communities understand, accept and support our children. Let's focus on how we can project ourselves as "role models" for our children, retain the support of those local retailers who are willing to show support for our loved ones and teach our children the right way to advocate for themselves. We need to maintain a sense of decorum, pride and accountability for our actions as we represent the Autism community. 

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