Monday, March 10, 2014

Find Out How YOU Can Protect Your Family with QR Code iD!

I am proud to introduce Erin Wilson, Founder of QRCodeiD, as our Guest Blogger in support of wandering prevention. Please welcome her as she shares about her company. Thank you!

My son Jay who just turned 12 has Autism.
He has been lost a couple times in the past. Since his language and social skills are functionally low we wanted to create a way to alert other people near him that he is a person who needs help and then relay contact, emergency and behavioral info. Since he also has sensory issues and will not wear a sticker we created patches with individual QR Codes. In bight red across the top it reads “If I Need Help” to ask for assistance. Then down the side “Scan or Go to” then our website The code can be scanned by a QR reader on a smartphone/iPad or the unique number can be entered into the website to view the profile. This information can be changed in real time. If there is a different person taking him on a school or camp outing that person’s number can be entered and deleted later.  

We offer a variety of clothing, with or without the QR Code iD patch, expertly designed by artists who have special needs and patches that can be sewn onto the clothing that you already own. Also, there are pins and clips options. We have exciting new stuff in the works. Among them, we will be adding dog tags, key chains and iD cards that will have
the personal code along with name, contact number and 7 bullet points printed. These can be used for anyone who is unable to self advocate during a critical moment. 

The safety of family is important to everyone. If you have a loved one, either a child or an adult, that would benefit from having QR Code iD in their daily lives, visit here to sign up and ensure their protection today!

Great news! They have just added a new feature: The profile can be emailed. So in those first frantic moments when a person wanders the big red emergency email button can be pushed to forward the profile to the security guard and others around who can help search. The profile has a picture, contact phone numbers and additional emergency and behavioral information. Contact QR Code iD to register today!! 

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