Thursday, January 2, 2014

Series Beginning - Why Living with an adult HFA is Difficult - Highlights from Happy Robot Coaching

I am privileged to introduce a new educational organization, Happy Robot Coaching, that has been created by two very good friends of mine! Please feel free to leave comments either beneath my post below and/or after you have read their actual post that this links to. Thank you for taking your time to support friends of Nathan's Voice

Who Happy Robot Coaching Is and What We Do 

As a High Functioning Autistic/Neurotypical* couple, we have 40+ years of experience between us in communicating across neurological barriers. We have formed this educational organization in the hopes that we can help other NT/HFA people understand each other. We educate NTs in the skills necessary to understand HFAs such as giving complete information, speaking in logical well crafted sentences instead of emotional phrases and metaphors and using proper tone of voice. We also educate High-Functioning Autistic people in things to watch and listen for when communicating with Neurotypicals. We work with with HFAs in increasing awareness of who they are as individuals as well as educating them in how to improve their daily lives by teaching them better coping and life skills. We are available to answer any questions you might have about your NT or HFA loved ones either online or face-to-face (to which an hourly rate applies). 

We ARE educators and life skills coaches!

We are NOT psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors or providers or any other healthcare practitioners. Nothing on this page should be used as a substitute for proper medical care or supervision. ALWAYS contact your doctor or other healthcare provider before choosing not to follow their expert opinions regarding your health. Thank you.


Happy Robot Coaching
Bethany, Oklahoma
Please take a moment to check out Why Living with an adult HFA is Difficult and share with anyone you think would benefit from reading it. Happy Robot Coaching is also on Facebook for you to LIKE their page! They are on Twitter @HappyRobotCoach for you to follow, as well. Thank YOU for your continued support of our friends!

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