Sunday, January 6, 2013

Join The 2013 Blog Building Co-Op at Our Mom Spot!

Are you a blogging parent?
YOU should join the 
2013 Blog Building Co-Op 
at Our Mom Spot!

Our Mom Spot will be offering a PayPal or Amazon (Winner's Choice) Rafflecopter Giveaway in March. Our Mom Spot is organizing a Blog Building Co-Op to raise the funds for the prize and also to help bloggers who would like to get more exposure for their blog by building their social media following. 

More Twitter followers and more fans for a Facebook Page can mean more traffic for your media and blog building go hand in if you need more fans on social media, get on over to Our Mom Spot and JOIN the 2013 Blog Building Co-Op TODAY!!

And if anyone asks...don't be afraid to tell them Lorrie @NathansVoice sent you! :)

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