Thursday, October 11, 2012

Would YOU Take the Time to Complete a Survey on How #Autism Has Affected Your Family?

     If you are interested in answering a survey on how autism affects your family, please copy and paste the following questions into an email to send to at your earliest convenience. 
     Thank you for your participation!


1.     How old are you?
2.     What is your occupation
3.     What is your ethnic background?
4.     What is your child’s condition?
5.     How old is your child?
6.     How much time do you spend taking care of your child each day?
7.     Do you use any support services such as home nursing for the care of your child?
8.     Describe the type of extra help you get for taking care of your child?
9.     Could you outline what each day for you involves in taking care of your child? EG: what do you do for your child each day such as bathing, clothing ETC…?
10.    As a result of caring for your child, describe the effects on your physical health, well-being? EG: fatigue, illness etc...
11.   What are the financial needs of your child, i.e.: how much money is spent on caring for things such as medicine and healthcare professionals?
12.   What is the financial impact on your family as a result of caring for your child?
13.    Do you receive any government assistance and what are they? EG: benefits or pensions?
14.    Outline any modifications required for your care and house to suit your child?
15.    How are you affected emotionally and socially as a result of caring for your child? EG: how do you feel as a parent or as an individual, does it make you upset, feeling isolated, ETC?

     We appreciate that you have taken the time to answer the questions in the above survey. Please send your answers in an email that you have "copied and pasted" the questions into and send everything to when you have completed the survey. 
     Please take a few minutes to browse my blog and the various resources that Nathan's Voice has to offer families with children on the autism spectrum. 
     Thank you again for your participation!


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