Thursday, October 25, 2012

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Will you ever forget?
Will you ever forget the day you were told you had to give up gluten? Or the day you realized on your own that gluten was making you ill?

Many of us felt overwhelmed. Some of us felt alone. Others: depressed, scared or downright angry.

Then somewhere along the line, someone gave an encouraging word; they assured us things weren't as bad as they seemed. They focused us on the positive (that we'd feel better). Then they directed us to a website, or to a bookstore or support group for information and encouragement.

Today, you can be that encouraging, supportive, informative someone. With a simple mouse click, you can be the light at the end of a friend's or family member's tunnel. You can be the source of hope and information that gets someone going on this journey we all share.

Jules has made it her life's work to inspire, encourage and inform people who want to live gluten free. She arms them with information about every aspect of their lives, to ensure their confidence and their success.
Jules' New-to-Gluten-Free e-Book (regularly priced at $12.95) is an indispensable 37-page resource that guides people through:
  •        Making a kitchen and pantry safe
  •        Reading labels
  •        Surprising foods that may contain gluten
  •        Planning meals
  •        Eating out
  •        Being a guest in someone's home
  •        Hosting others
  •        Dating and other social occasions
Then, she jump-starts things with a 3-day fast-start meal plan...with healthy, delicious, simple meals that build confidence and encourage healing.
Jules' New-to-Gluten Free e-Book
Jules gives a 60-second overview of her
New-to-Gluten-Free e-Book. 
Then, please, forward this email to someone you know who could use all that Jules imparts. Simply click the link below and enter one or more email addresses. Chances are, your recipients will never forget the role you played in their gluten-free journey.

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And the fine print...
          This offer is available for customers living in the continental United States only.  Please contact us at (877) 236-3940 with any questions.  
          All Jules Gluten Free™ products are allergy-free (free of the top 8 allergens including, wheat, nuts, dairy, and soy), are GIG certified gluten free, and Kosher certified.  
          Jules Gluten Free™ All Purpose Flour is Patent Pending.  All rights reserved.

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