Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Dreaming About Camp Noggin 2013!"

     I was fortunate to have had the privilege to serve as one of the camp counselors at "Camp Noggin" this last week. Camp Noggin is an autism-friendly camp that provides a place where children with the autism spectrum disorder can interact with others. Nathan, his brother, Vincent and the rest of the children were able to enjoy horseback riding, a visit from a nearby wild animal exhibit, a variety of outdoor sports and several other activities. A day out in the sun, swimming and a cookout was originally scheduled the last day of camp but, even with the weather keeping us indoors, the campers handled everything extremely well!

     It was an unbelievable experience! Now that we know how great it is, we are excited & really looking forward to attending Camp Noggin next year! I have attached a link to the newspaper article on the Autism camp that the Daily Oklahoman ran in today's paper. I hope you enjoy and share this with someone you know! 

     After reading the article on Camp Noggin, please consider making a donation to through our Family and Friends Autism Team "Nathan's Voice". Your donation goes to fund great resources in the community such as grants for education, research & this very AWESOME "Camp Noggin"! Thank YOU for your support!!

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