Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over!

     Wednesday morning at 12:01am, my beautiful granddaughter was born. I had the pleasure of witnessing her birth, as I did when her older brother was born a little over two years ago. My precious daughter is their mother and one that makes me proud to be her momma. Both her and her brother have experienced more than their share of disappointment before, during and since the divorce of their father and I over a decade ago. To see my daughter as a momma making important decisions, and taking into consideration how those will affect her family, reminds me that she has matured so much in the last few years. He brother just left for Basic Training four days ago after enlisting in the Army last fall. He had wanted to see his niece born before he left to start his service in the Army. It is safe for me to say that my two older children have grown up and started their own individual journeys. I am raising their two younger brothers with the man I love and find myself asking "where has the time gone?" I am not questioning my seasoned life because God has blessed me to the point that my cup runneth over!  

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  1. I heard from my 18 y/o this afternoon...he left last Monday for Basic Training. It was such a surprise to hear from him! He told me the last four days have been paperwork, inoculations & then waiting to receive their uniforms. He gets transferred to his unit this next Friday to start basic training. Wow! When they say the military is "hurry up & wait", they aren't kidding!!