Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Having Children Means There's Never a Dull Moment To Be Found

     My husband and I were excited about being able to get out of the house this last Saturday night and together with our friends. They had invited us over for dinner and to catch up on what's been happening since we aren't able to get together very often. We had gotten the boys' DSi handheld games charged up, packed the kid-friendly drinks on ice and gone through the "behave or we come back home" speech with both Vincent and Nathan before we headed out that afternoon.
     Dinner and spending time with our friends was great. The boys were running around out back burning off some of that energy they always seem to have. We had sent them outside because they had been throwing the dog's toys around inside the house to tease our friends' dog. It was what happened next that sent our "relaxing night out of the house" spinning until it landed up-side-down. Our almost 10yr old, Vincent, came running in telling us that Nathan had gotten hurt bad. Nathan was right behind him, trying very hard not to cry from the pain. He had torn his left leg open, just below his knee, on a nail sticking up on our friends' deck. Our friends flew into action by grabbing us a clean towel for my husband to wrap around Nathan's leg, offered to keep Vincent for us, while I grabbed my purse and rushed us to the hospital just around the corner.
     Nathan proved that he was maturing by how calm he stayed. A lot of the credit goes to my husband and what a great father he is to both of our boys. That night, he was our hero! He was there, when it mattered the most, to show Nathan how a man takes care of his family. No one had to tell him to "man up" or "grow a spine" like some women wish they could but, instead choose to pull the weight of both parents. I am proud to say that my boys have a proper role model in their father.
     Our injured "dare-devil" ended up receiving 6 stitches and a tetnus shot before all the excitement was over. Nathan didn't even cry as the doctor was administering the pain medicine to the immediate area before stitching him up or when the nurse gave him the tetnus shot, which he said felt like a mosquito bite! It didn't matter how much he had scared us by getting injured, only that we had something to celebrate and that meant a stop at the pharmacy for children's motrin and the closest Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy on the way back to our friends' house to pick up Vincent! lol After getting everyone home, changed for bed and the boys tucked into bed for the night, it was almost 2 o'clock the next morning before Matt & I could stop thinking how different our evening had turned out from what we had imagined. We stayed home all day Sunday, after I ran to our favorite doughnut shop to pick up breakfast, relaxing from the night before.
     Nathan is doing well, he isn't showing any discomfort and he's not letting it slow him down. I am always asking him if it hurts or if he needs anything. Most of the time, he just tells me he's fine. With Nathan, you don't ask him again unless you want him to get mad at you for disturbing him. He will let you know if he needs something, something is wrong or if he acomplished a goal. He looked at me funny this morning when I explained that I was going to wrap his leg with a plastic bag to protect it so he could take a quick shower...after waiting 3 hours for his consent, I was able to mark that off as one of my few accomplishments for today! We are scheduled to return to the ER next Tuesday morning so that they can remove the stitches and check how it is healing. I think I will surprise the boys by taking them to ChuckECheese after we are finished. It's getting late and I had better get some sleep while I can...good night!

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